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Who We Are

We are a traditional church that does "tradition" informally.


We think the word "we" is important.


We are a people for whom Jesus Christ and his teachings are even more important.


We are a theologically conservative church where theology is not weaponized against those who disagree with us.


And, we've been around for a while, with over a hundred years on Concord Heights.

We welcome older people, younger people, and everyone in between.


Now that you've got the basics, feel free to explore our website further. And, even if we never get to meet you, we're glad you visited us here!


Our Mission Statement:

To make God’s word the leading influence in our lives, searching it diligently and being obedient to God’s call to us as we:

  1. Bring glory to Him in our church, our homes and our world; through our worship, fellowship and service.

  2. To so live daily as God’s people that others may see Christ in us and become His disciples, rendering loving service in His name joyfully, yet with humility.

  3. To recognize God as our heavenly Father and ourselves as His obedient children with so much yet to learn and experience as He has promised; accepting with faith His instruction even though we may not at present fully understand.

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